Taking a simple piece and putting multiple outfits together

(The first picture is of an item located on the sale rack)


Throughout this blog post you will see how we took that one single piece and made it into multiple outfits.


Starting out, We took this two piece dress from Ronen Chen "Limited" and added a "Elm" Matthildur (cotton) sweater, and for a little POP, we added a statement necklace.


Next, We separated the two layer piece and kept the white under layer, adding another Matthildur (cotton) sweater. This time with a grey and white stripe with two different statement necklaces.


Finally, We put the two pieces back together and added this lightweight jacket by Samuel Dong also with another statement necklace. (You can't go wrong with a statement necklace.)

-Eve Avery!

*The add ons are regular priced items*