Does Your Outfit Need A Little Pop?!

It's simple... add a scarf!

Face it.. as the weather is getting

cooler you may feel as though you have nothing but dark colors in your closet. You probably are just over exaggerating, but you can always add a scarf with a lively, detailed story to brighten up any outfit.


You may be reading this and just thinking WHAT!? Trust me... we know. We've listened to each and every one of you and know what you want!

"Today's scarfs are worn primarily as an expression of individuality, a statement of signature style. There are infinite ways to wear a scarf.... limited only by one's imagination." Nordstorms scarf book


"THE SCARF. A simple length of fabric of no particular form, but when worn with confidence, the results are striking."

"FABRIC makes the key distinction in how a scarf drapes. Because of shape, a scarf derives its beauty from textures, patterns, color and fibers."

"WEIGHT of the fabric influences the function of the scarf, as well as its attitude."


Here we featured our Matthildur sweater


Featured: Banaris scarf with Gershon Bram jacket


Featured: "Pop Art" scarf by Suzi Roher


On the go? Here is an easy, fast how to with Eve!


Featured: Gershon Bram Jacket with Matthildur scarf