What is Age Appropriate?

Clients ask me all the time "is this age appropriate?".... I'm being funny when I respond and say yes, as long as there are no boobs or butts showing! It gets a laugh, but it doesn't answer your question... "what type of clothing is really age appropriate at our age?"

Now listen just because we're maybe 50,60,70,80 or even 90 years old it doesn't mean we can not dress fashionably.

We are in the time of our lives were it is okay to be a little funky and live! Come on ladies!

Have fun with your clothes, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THEM!


I know you read that magazine that told you "you shouldn't wear those jeans with that dress" but I say screw that shit! My favorite outfits involve jeans and a tunic/dress.

That magazine does not know your life, that magazine does not know your body. Please call me or come into the store if you are unsure about a piece of clothing. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY OR GIVE IT AWAY JUST BECAUSE A MAGAZINE TELLS YOU TO DO SO.


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