Transitioning Your Closet

When you start to change clothing from one season to the next, you have to do it in stages.


-1st pick out all real summery pieces, leave out the pieces in man made fabrics like Babette, Elm, Matthildur, Comfy, Sunkim, Jason, Planet and the micro fiber stuff.

-2nd start putting outfits together with long sleeve tees and those cotton blouses. It is finally cool enough to wear our nice jeans, micro fiber pants and skirts.

-3rd start going through the pieces you put away or packed up and bring out the light weight ones. Try them on and see how they fit. There may be stuff you are tired of looking at or you don’t want to keep anymore.

-(Start a pile)


For some people trying to decide what to keep or what to give away can be a hard decision. I can help you with this process. Do Not Get Overwhelmed!!! It is a process, remember one step at a time.

This is where my services come in handy. Sometimes you just need help making those decisions or even just getting started. You need to start thinking about new looks.Lets face it ladies... our bodies are changing, but that doesn't mean you can't reinvent your style.You may want to add to your wardrobe. If so look through magazines, if you see a look you like save it, bring it in and we will create magic.


Come see me at the store or email me with any questions you might have.

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