Time To Get Our Shit Together

Now listen.... Have you actually transitioned your closet yet? Some of you probably have and some of you probably have not... To the ones that have, go you! You have your shit together! To the ones that haven't.. here's a warning you might want to start, before it gets cold and you have nothing to put on your ass. #beentheredonethat

The first of October is this Sunday...


On another note: I hope you all saw last weeks blog post featuring Mineral Fusion products. I bought the eye cream and the instant color for eyes, cheek and lips. (I found it can also be used as an eyeshadow base)

I have been using cleanser, moisturizer and serum from the last mineral fusion event we had in the Spring. I have had nothing but good results. The cleanser takes away all my eye makeup with no problem. I found that the moisturizer works really well for my mature skin and, the serum is also an added bonus.



we have new arrivals !!!

Here's a sneak peek

Ronen Chen Jacket/Tunic






Featuring: A.Z.I pant and Fish Fash top



Heydari top



Black Heydari dress and Samuel Dong blouse