January - February

Eve's Process



After the New Year, I find my mind to be clear and clutter free. My creativity levels are on an all time high right now! I have recently enjoyed going through my closets, coming up with new and exciting outfits. Going through the process of looking ahead to Spring with my closet and myself, focusing on transitioning choices. Incorporating the same process at the shop, putting sale items with new pieces. Being open to NEW SPRING.


Let the wardrobe refreshing begin!

After you have reviewed your closet. At this point, you know what you don't want. Pack away special pieces then, consign or donate! Items that you put away, you can always go back and re-visit them. Donate to your local shelters, you not only will have a refreshed closet but also someone will benefit from your giving. Take advantage of the consignment stores in your area.

Now take a look at the pieces from your closet. A sale rack is an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe, starting with replacing your basics. (Key items to start with are white blouses and black pants.)

A lot of sale items fall under the category of transition. *To be considered a transition piece it can be worn 10 months out of the year.* Expanding your wardrobe can have a positive effect all year round and going through this process, I also found that it enables better Spring choices.

Are you ready?