Closet Work: Part 1

Closet Work

Using Eve Avery's Process


When you decide to start closet work such as decluttering and organizing...

do just a little at a time

To do this process successfully you have to remember to not get

overwhelmed! It is a process, that needs to be completed one stage at a time.

This is where my services begin:

I always bring a rolling rack with me when I go to a clients house and initially allow a 2hr consult period.

We start by putting clothes from your closet onto the rolling rack, by doing this it allows us to start asking ourselves questions such as:

1. Do we keep this item?

2. Do we pack this item away?

We put outfits together from your existing wardrobe and create new ideas for the upcoming season.


To Be Continued Next Week....

xoxo - Eve Avery