Part 2: Closet Work

Part 2 of closet work

Outfits that we put together are hung together in your closet. We then accessorize with scarves, jewelry and shoes. After placement, reminder photos are taken. While there we will organize closet and categorize pieces such as:

- T-shirts

- Blouses

- Dresses

- Cocktail/ dressy

- Jeans / Slacks



If you need extra room, perhaps move cocktail/dressy pieces to another location and fold your jeans.

Step back and have a look at your closet... It's best to not have your closet so cluttered and overwhelming that you can't see anything. Organizing shoes and displaying jewelry will help.


Eve's also available to make suggestions about displaying your closet design and that you should utilize your space from the floor to the ceiling.

If you follow these suggestions you're going to find you are much more organized, you will learn to make better clothing selections and, it will reduce your spending on unnecessary items.

You will find by following this process seasonally it will become a habit and you will wonder how you survived before.

LOVE - Eve Avery