Dressing Appropriately is IN, being uncomfortable with yourself is OUT!

Are you uncomfortable with your style?

I'm here and i'm ready to help.


After reading this, I hope you'll have a changed mind on unstructured clothing or get the courage to call or message me.


Unstructured Wear

Unstructured doesn't mean you are wearing a tent!

The designers I carry in the store do unstructured clothing in many sizes..

"One size DOES NOT fit all."

When the waistline starts to change an unstructured top is your friend.

"No one knows whats going on underneath".

Unstructured is a good alternative, rather than buying a larger size in the style you would normally wear.

I understand styling proportions for individual bodies, for example for the shorter clients : we may do a flowy top with a more fitted legged pant. Most of my larger size clients love unstructured - because the look is chic and goes day to night with a change of shoes and jewelry. I find through the years I have bought more unstructured items because it works for any lifestyle.

Try on all clothing and be open to all different style looks. You can't tell how it's going to fit or look on the hanger -

Especially unstructured looks!


Here at Eve Avery's we give you the best choices, help you with your body changes and your lifestyles. We take personal services very seriously.

If you have any questions :

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